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One Health Care System for Your Body's Every System

Through your primary care practitioner (PCP), Day Kimball医疗保健 provides you access to expert specialty physicians and services for virtually every body system and condition – all within an integrated and coordinated approach.

Most everyone will have need for some sort of specialized care at some point in life. It’s good to know that when that time comes you’ll have access to physicians and facilities focused solely on providing you with top-notch specialized care, 离家近.

Our 专业护理 Services Include:

  • 抗凝

    Our 抗凝门诊 helps patients who are on anticoagulants (also known as “blood thinners”) to monitor and manage their medication dosages to ensure optimal results.

  • 心脏康复

    Our 心脏康复 Program ("cardiac rehab") is a four-phase outpatient program that offers medically supervised exercise and health education specifically designed to help patients who have suffered a recent cardiac event, or those who are at high risk of a cardiac event.

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  • 心脏病学

    We offer comprehensive cardiology services including emergency and non-emergency treatment, rehabilitation and non-invasive testing for a variety of heart conditions.

  • 皮肤病学

    Comprehensive care for your skin and expert treatment for associated conditions from acne to melanoma.

  • 糖尿病教育

    Living with diabetes can be challenging. Our diabetes care team at Day Kimball is here to help with managing your diabetes.

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  • 消化系统健康

    We offer comprehensive prevention, diagnosis and treatment for diseases and disorders of the digestive system.

  • 内分泌学

    Our board-certified endocrinologist offers comprehensive testing, diagnosis and treatment to help you manage a variety of endocrine and metabolic disorders.

  • 静脉注射疗法

    戴金宝医院's Ambulatory Care Unit offers comfortable, convenient and personalized 静脉注射疗法 services to treat a wide variety of conditions.

  • 肾脏学

    We provide both inpatient and outpatient consultation and treatment for acute and chronic kidney disease.

  • 营养教育

    DKH offers nutrition education and counseling to support patients make positive behavioral changes to improve health and meet dietary needs.

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  • 疼痛管理

    Our associated pain management specialists help restore quality of life by treating chronic pain through a variety of tools, techniques and procedures.

  • Pulmonary 康复

    Our Pulmonary 康复 Program is a multi-phase outpatient program of safe, medically supervised exercise and health education designed to help individuals with chronic lung disease to live as active and normal a life as possible.

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  • 睡眠医学

    Our state-of-the-art Sleep Disorder Center is accredited by the American Academy of 睡眠医学 and offers comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis of sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders.

  • 矫形组

    Our highly qualified and experienced orthopedic advanced practice providers work closely with your primary care physician to diagnose and prescribe the appropriate orthopedic treatments, so you can get back to your life in motion!

  • 泌尿外科

    泌尿外科 focuses on surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs.

  • 伤口护理

    Our Wound Healing Center facilitates healing for patients suffering from chronic wounds.



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